450 Miles to Empty


So yeah not quite the classic Brownstone hit 5 Miles to Empty but…

That’s my goal for 2014.. to run 450 Miles…pavement, treadmill, trail.. I will cover 450 miles.


What’s Run this Year you are wondering?? Well it’s a beauty of a thing I stumbled upon last year via Pavement Runner.  He & Running Hutch hosted this year long challenge.. but here is the actual lingo :

What is Run This Year?

A free running community that challenges and inspires you to run as many miles as you can in one year! Run This Year is for anyone who strives to run all year and maybe even run the year in miles!

This year things are a little different yet the same.. So here is how you can join because you KNOW you want to!!! *peer pressure* LOL

How to join the community:

  • Register! Tell us you’re joining in and state your goal!
  • Follow Run This Year on TwitterFacebook or Instagram and join in the conversation!
  • Enter the giveaways we do throughout the year. Posts will show up here. 
  • Log your miles on this form to be included Monthly Mileage Reports!
  • Show you are part of #runthisyear with a profile picbadge and/or post the badges on the right to your blog or website! (get this directly from the RTY website )

Now the challenges..  I went with the GYOG hence my 450 miles.. Seeing as though I’m returning for a pretty serious Achilles injury, I’m taking it light.  It’s a lofty goal but averages out to about 8-9 miles a week.. and if I’m running 2-3x 3-5 miles.. it’s doable and I’m joining the challenge to keep myself accountable and help to encourage others that they too can achieve their goal.. whatever it is!

Run This Year Challenges:

Challenge 1: Run the year in miles: 2,014 miles in 2014.

  • Breaks down to 5.5 miles every day or 39 miles per week.

Challenge 2: Run the year in kilometers: 2,014 kilometers = 1251.4 miles.

  • Roughly 3.5 miles every day or 24 miles per week.

Challenge 3: GYOG!

  • Get Your Own Goal! If you join later in the year or are new to running, that’s okay! Participate by selecting a challenging mileage total for yourself and get after it!

So you want to take on the 2014 miles or kilometers (1251.4 miles)… Need an action plan click on miles or kilometers to see a sample plan

Once you join the challenge.. don’t forget to log your miles on the mileage entry log so you can be included in the monthly roundup..

This is a challenge for EVERYONE.. all levels if your goal is 52 miles for the year or 2,014 or more miles.. This is all about engaging all levels of runners so won’t you join me??? You KNOW you really wanna!!! *insert puppy dog eyes with the big tear about to fall* (I’m getting good at this peer pressure thing huh???)

January’s theme is #rundetermined so what are you waiting for?

jan theme rty

Are you still on the fence??? Then join in on the twitter chat on Thursday, January 9th at 6pm pst/9pm est.  Hey no worries.. Scandal is still on hiatus.. so you won’t miss a thing!

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3 Responses to 450 Miles to Empty

  1. Alesha says:

    1000 miles. I think I did it right. SMH Goodness you can convince me to do anything LOL

  2. Excellent goal! This is going to be a fun AND challenging year!

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