So it’s really Feb. Ugh January what did you do?  The only consrant has been my green smoothies & me returning to teaching Jazzercise

My miles for Jan….all of 5 miles. Sigh. The weather + teaching + being sick made for a very non existent month of running. It also taught me a few things so will make adjustments and get on it.

Coaching HS track is truly teaching me another level of patience. I really want to grab them by the collar and throw’em against the wall sometimes but I’ve learned to go for a walk complete my thoughts & a breathing exercise then find them post their event lol when they go against the plan lol.  Our head coach and I have the funniest conversations. The 6 degrees of separation is REAL. But I digress

By the time I got in last night from our meet it was late. When I laid down my body screamed I hate you. I’m thankful for my homegirl/runboo/ride or die training partner. I couldn’t leave with the team on Fri so I drove down on Sat. She rode with me since her daughter competes for another school. A total of 9 hours round trip. That’s too much damn driving in one day lol but it was worth it. Amongst the boys & girls teams we had several PRs in the individual events but the relays……yeah we got some work to do. I’m about to make a few of them keep a baton in their hand  and if they drop it they owe me pushups!!! Grrrrrrrr

Today is the 2nd and Superbowl Sun… I don’t want to do anything but eat junk and relax and watch the game. Alas I will be responsible and I will get my run in along with my pushups & planks. My personal fitness goals for February are:

Teach 12 Jazzercise classes
Run 25 miles
Do 15 mins of planks & pushups daily
Stretch daily am & pm (not just after workouts)
Take 4 Bikram Yoga classes (let’s hope studio by my home actually opens this month o_O)

I’m going on vacation this month. It’s a mashup Birthday for Mister, Anniversary & family ski trip celebration. I will commit to at least trying snow tubing. That’s it. No lifts, skis or none of that real ski stuff lol I’m a chicken and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Well let me get to stretching, so I can get ready for my run. Those miles won’t run themselves.

What’s your February goals? Get at me in the comments 

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One Response to February

  1. I want to incorporate planking into my routine, so this month’s goal is 15 minutes total. In addition mediate daily and be active for at least 30 minutes a day for at least 25 days. Non physical goals include writing daily, blogging at least twice a week and finding inner peace.

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